Research Projects


I am interested on how biodiversity and animal species are distributed across the landscapes. I mainly focus on researching new methodologies for developing species distribution predictive models, by combining GIS techniques, advanced statistical methods and computer simulations. Modeling distribution and habitat selection is fundamental to understand animal species behavior as well as for improving conservation and management plans for wildlife. 

In order to model biodiversity and animal distributions, accurate habitat data and powerful statistical methods are essential. A main research line during my postdoctoral job in CEH is to improve the land cover mapping from satellite images. I study how to combine optical and radar datasets using big data methodologies in order to produce frequently-updated accurate land cover maps.  

Main research projects:

UK Land Cover Maps

Environmental heterogeneity and the distribution of British bird diversity

Colony site selection of herons and egrets

Habitat analysis of the iberoriental reed bunting

Collective behavior emergence: computer simulation