RSPSoc Annual Conference and... prize!


Last month I spent a few days in Nottingham to attend to the annual conference of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society (RSPSoc). It was the first time for me to participate in a "pure" remote sensing (RS) congress, as my research has always been focused on the ecological and conservation applications of RS and GIS. It turned out to be a great place to present my new research on habitat mapping using Sentinel-2 satellite images, and to interact with researchers of the RS community. I also brought a poster on herons and egrets colony distribution in order to show how we can use satellite images and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for ecological research. My line manager, Dan Morton, was also there presenting our progress with the Land Cover Map 2015. 

Bringing to the table all these topics was a little bit overwhelming as it was difficult to decide which talk to attend at every session (there where several talks at the same time) in order to make the congress the most useful for me. However, I had the opportunity to listen to very interesting talks about land cover mapping, and had great feedback about my work with Sentinel-2 from top researchers of the RS community. 

I was particularly impressed by the new studies using high resolution images to improve the spatial resolution of historical Landsat images. These methodologies gave me a lot of ideas to work on the detection of bird colonies from space. Also, the amount of works using Sentinel-1 images (radar) for detecting change, natural disasters and all kind of ecological applications made me think a lot about the potential of these satellites. It seems they are opening a very interesting path... Should I give this area a chance? 

It was a great conference and I received excellent advice from very experience researchers, in relation to the Sentinel-2 work and to my heron research. What a pity I didn't attend the final ceremony, as I received the Best Poster Award for the herons and egret research! Thanks to the RSPSoc for a great organization and for the prize!